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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS) are web-based applications that support the creation and distribution of a wide variety of website content. They allow multiple users to work in a collaborative manner across all company website properties. All forms of content are supported including images, video, audio and downloads, and of course, text-based copy.

Content Management Systems provide a robust website framework that…

  • Utilizes less custom code while providing access to massive libraries of time-tested modules.
  • Presents a unified look and feel for easier control over brand presentation and standards.
  • Allows non-technical employees advanced functionality for systems control, content authoring and channel distribution.
  • Deploys templates that ease site-wide design changes, and are modular and extensible for ongoing development.
  • Adheres to various accessibility frameworks and standards.
  • Automates SEO through keyword-based URLs, compliant structure and editable meta tag content.

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kventures: Digital solutions for firms of all shapes and sizes
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