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Mobile-friendly, Responsive Website Design|

Responsive website design (RWD) is the widely accepted standard for addressing the increasing number of devices your visitors use, and those yet to come to market. RWD is based on fluid grid that adjusts and reconfigures based on the individual device's viewport. It is inherently SEO-friendly and is fully supported by all modern browsers.
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By starting from a responsive fluid grid, we are able to…

  • Render website content properly on smaller (and larger) devices without image distortion or illegible font sizes.
  • Help you avoid costly development and maintenance of separate mobile and desktop websites.
  • Lower visitor bounce rates by providing a better user experience, and decreasing navigation and load time.
  • Improve analytics reporting by condensing the tracking of key pathways into a single report for all visitors and their devices.
  • Optimize your search engine rankings by passing Google's mobile-friendly qualifier.

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