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Website Wireframing & Sketching|

Website wireframes provide a visual guide that fosters stakeholder collaboration in arranging elements, experimenting with key pathways and building design consensus. Wireframing takes a layered approach that allows stakeholders to measure the practicality of graphical and technical elements as they are developed.
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Wireframes are the foundation layer of website code, allowing us to…

  • Work from a visual guide that allows all stakeholders to touch and click the skeletal framework of the new website.
  • Collaborate on the placement of website content, interface elements, media assets and navigation systems.
  • Experiment with different "user stories" to generate key pathways for users to navigate to their objectives.
  • Identify key media and content asset needs, placement and display rules.
  • Layer color schemes, font selections and graphical elements over skeletal interfaces to build design consensus.

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