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Website Content & Messaging

Having a content strategy that amplifies the strategic vision of your company is the key to effective online messaging. Our process focuses on identifying foundational keywords, inventorying content and finding gaps, and establishing guidelines for content creation, formatting, distribution and maintenance.

We harness your vision with a content strategy that…

  • Identifies your audience, establishes foundational keywords, and creates "user stories" and key paths to visitor objectives.
  • Inventories and audits your existing content to assess quality, relevancy, popularity and value in promoting your business goals.
  • Performs a content gap analysis to determine missing information and identify additional content and media assets to benefit your SEO.
  • Establishes a content process that defines key authors and establishes rules for creation, formatting, distribution and maintenance.
  • Circulates content by defining template elements that will increase access through navigation, tagging, categorization and calls to action.

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