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Website Project Planning & Discovery

Website project discovery is an important first step that is often overlooked when planning a redesign. During this phase key stakeholders are defined, problems identified and solutions revealed. By working together with our clients as a team, we discover solutions and help your company and its visitors achieve their goals.

We team up with our clients and mobilize resources to…

  • Define any problems and challenges of the current website and to establish a full scope and vision of the project.
  • Identify key stakeholders that will review the creative brief, the existing website, industry competitors and overall brand.
  • Actively plan the new website using additional research, short and long-term goals, key audiences, media assets and content strategy.
  • Encourage feedback from outside groups to spark creativity, identify key features and prioritize needs versus wants.
  • Define "user stories" and key pathways to define how users will be able to achieve their goals through your website.
  • Audit the resulting project plan to ensure all stakeholder responsibilities are defined, goals integrated and current problems solved.

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kventures: Digital solutions for firms of all shapes and sizes
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