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Website Graphic Design

The graphic design process begins with a clickable wireframe of page layouts, navigation schemes and element containers produced with your collaboration and met with your approval. Given this context, designers then create unique color palettes, font pairings and custom-crafted visual elements for placement.

We take the guess work out and put the fun back in by…

  • Organizing a design brief in consultation with key stakeholders to outline company goals, strategic vision, deliverables and project scope.
  • Seeking input from company employees and customers to better understand the company ecosystem, customer benefits and messaging.
  • Utilizing clickable wireframes to serve as a visual guide for experimenting with page layouts including the content placement and navigation schemes.
  • Offering a wide variety of graphical elements, color schemes and typographic pairings for selection and placement within the finished wireframe.
  • Presenting the feature-complete website for further refinement based on client feedback, user experience and final review.

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kventures: Digital solutions for firms of all shapes and sizes
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