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UI/UX Design & Improvement

Many existing web applications could benefit greatly by implementing responsive website design that increases user access and satisfaction without requiring a complete recode. By overriding existing application style sheets, our designers can vastly improve the user experience while still maintaining its familiarity.

We boost user confidence and satisfaction by…

  • Implementing responsive web design to increase application accessibility, user adoption and usability on all customer devices.
  • Creating distinct funnels and key paths tailored to fit differing user levels of application knowledge, skill and experience.
  • Prioritizing common functions and desired outcomes by implementing element design rulesets that bring frequently used options to the forefront.
  • Improving the customer user experience through larger action calls, legible font treatments, and mitigation of dead ends and loops.
  • Demoting unnecessary advanced or rarely used options and serving bite-sized interactions to avoid overwhelming customers.

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kventures: Digital solutions for firms of all shapes and sizes
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